Australia 3G APN Settings

After you unlocked your mobile device, you may want to change the APN settings on your device before you can connect to the Internet. Different network providers have different settings. Below are some of the network APN settings for Australia Mobile 3G Networks:

Carrier APN
amaySIM internet
Blink splns888a1
Clubtelco mwb
Crazy John’s Australia
Dodo dodolns1
Exetel Exetel1
iiNet iiNet
Internode Internode
ONEMobile SPLNS111A1
Optus Australia Prepaid internet or preconnect
Optus Australia Postpaid connect, connectme or connectcap
Pacnets pacnet
PRIMUS primuslns1
Red Bull Mobile purtona.wap
Telstra telstra.internet
Telstra telstra.wap
Telstra telstra.extranet
Telstra telstra.pcpack
Telstra telstra.datapack
Telstra telstra.bigpond
Three Australia 3netaccess
Three Prepaid 3services
TPG internet
Virgin Mobile VirginBroadband
Virgin Mobile VirginInternet
Vodafone Australia
Vodafone Prepaid vfprepaymbb
westnet splns555a1
YES OPTUS preconnect


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